May 22

The Gig Econ Show – Episode #3 Cyber Security with Brian Menzel



What: The Gig Econ Show
When: 8pm Pacific every Friday night

Tonight, we talk with Brian Menzel about cyber security. This show was jammed full of good security advice from a pro who's been in the business for over 15 years. Brian talked about passwords, password managers, and two-factor authentication. We also touched on a few other topics in this two-hour show.

If you want to learn about how to protect yourself online, THIS is a must-watch for you.

Oh, and HINT: You will either learn about this now (the easy way) or later (the VERY HARD way). Your choice.

Tune in and turn on–and don't forget: Turn your hobby into a hustle!


Brian Menzel, cyber security, gig economics, gig economy, hack-proof, hacking, side hustle, The Gig Econ Show

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