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​Having a J-O-B isn't as stable as when your grandfather had one...for LIFE.
​Learn how to leverage the "gig economy" to suit your life & lifestyle.

How Do YOU Get to Participate in the Gig Economy?

working on a factory floors

Working on a factory floor is last century. Move into the 21st century by examining all of the possibilities of the Gig Economy!

The Story

​Back when our grandparents were alive and working, they could--and often did--work for one employer for 20, 30, 40, and even 50 years. That isn't the reality anymore. 

Sad to say, but there isn't any loyalty between employer and employee.

​Loyalty is a two-way street and neither side cares much about the long-term health of the other.

It's not necessarily mean-spirited.

Currently, in the US, about 36 percent of all Americans work in the "gig economy." They have been forced to get a second job, or--worse--get two part-time jobs just to ​maybe ​make ends meet.

However, according to Forbes, ​​​

The days of a company defining how much an employee is worth are dwindling. A report by the Kauffman Index shows that 550,000 Americans start businesses every month. Americans and freelancers around the world are taking a big interest in aligning their life's passion with their work. In doing so, they are starting their own businesses and side hustles to command their own salaries. A comfort to many employees is the convenience of a consistent paycheck. Entrepreneurs and freelancers think differently. More and more people are starting to see the consistency of a steady paycheck as a convenience, and not a means to get ahead. Now more than ever there is an opportunity for entrepreneurs and freelancers to take control of their income, and many are seizing that opportunity.

​Times are a'changin'. The internet and a broken capitalistic economy have forced many people to abandon the old ways of doing things and embrace the gig economy. Freelancers, Lyft and Uber drivers, Amazon delivery truck drivers, internet marketers, writers, and anything and everything else has been "gig-ified." 

Even Air BnB type residence rentals can be thought of as a gig.

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The Problem:

​We are in a global economy where the vast majority of people cannot make ends meet. They struggle to pay rent or their mortgage, have troubles buying healthy food, and stress over their dead-end jobs.

Further, older people cannot afford to retire and instead go to work at Wal-mart as greeters, getting paid a minimum wage that hasn't risen nearly as fast as inflation. 

Large & small companies alike have forgone pensions in lieu of 401k plans that "go broke" every ten years (on average).

It's a pitiful existence for the "9 to 5" 'er. 

The Solution:

​In an ideal world, everybody would earn enough to pay all their expenses--and then some. They'd save enough for a comfortable retirement and not have to work into their 70s.

But it's NOT an ideal world and never will be.

​There is hope!

The "way out" of a "dead end job" is to start a side gig that you have a passion for.

Get a few customers, scale, and see where you can take it.

You CAN do all of this in your "spare time" if you're resourceful.

Gig Economics is your #1 resource for becoming resourceful.

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Gig Economy

Start with where you are.

​Are you currently employed? Keep that job! There are 24 hours in a day. You sleep 8 and work 8. Maybe you commute. That surely leaves 1-2 hours every night after work to work on a gig.

Not currently employed? Be strategic in developing your "side gig" (that's where you start -- a small venture that you can test to see if it has potential). When you determine it does, dive deeper.

​Use what you have.

​You have Skills, Expertise, and unprecedented Technology opportunities available to you (SET principle). At the intersection of each of those things, you are UNIQUE. Combine those three things into a gig that is unique in the marketplace. 

For example, you may be a teacher who loves to play chess.
However, you may not be the best chess player OR teacher in the world. Combine those two skills into being the best online chess trainer in the world, using the vast technology resources available to you that didn't exist even a decade ago.

  • ​Teach people how to play chess--online!
  • ​Use your teaching experience to teach the ins-and-outs of the game.
  • ​Use your expertise in strategy development to build a "side gig" that earns you a side income, using cheap (often free) and readily-available technology.

​Do what you can.

​Maybe you're not a Grand Master chess player. Most people aren't. ​Those who are won't be asking for help.

Use the skills, experience, and ​tech (SET) you have to teach children the beautiful game of chess (for example).

​Starting a Side Gig

​Here are a few pros & cons about starting & running your own side gig.


  • ​You do something you love.
  • ​You get paid for it. In fact, you may get quite a handsome hourly "wage."
  • ​You do it at your leisure, at your own pace.
  • ​You are the boss.
  • ​You use existing technology to deliver the final "product."


  • ​It takes work.
  • ​It will take time to develop into a sizeable venture.
  • ​You will sacrifice leisure hours. Not as much "Netflix and chill" time.
  • ​Did I mention it takes work?
  • You could fail.


​Starting a side gig is a choice not to be taken lightly. You will have to plan, work, and sacrifice leisure time. But it will be worth it, if you go about it in the right way.

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