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​Having a J-O-B isn't as stable as when your grandfather had one...for LIFE.
​Learn how to leverage the "gig economy" to suit your life & lifestyle.

Gig Economy
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​Take a look at the Resources page.

There has NEVER been a better time to learn new skills. Investing in yourself will be the best investment you can ever make.

There are thousands of resources you can turn to in order to gain the knowledge you need to thrive in your new business.

On our Resources page, you will find the resources we have used--and recommend--to build our skill sets, learn new technologies, build websites, leverage social media, and fill in any gaps we may have.

​We've put together a "mini-MBA" for Gig Workers. These are the essential courses you need to take.

​Our "Mini-MBA" program is a set of courses we have found that mimics an actual MBA (without the expense or the paper).

What most MBA programs won't tell you: The expensive degree will NOT get you a higher-paying job.

But what it does do is give you the skills to evaluate ideas for profitability, put together a business, and build on it.

More than anything, an MBA gives you the skills to be an entrepreneur.

​Visit the "Idea Machine" page for some motivation.

Your brain is like a muscle, only far more powerful. It's a super computer married to an idea factory.

Like a muscle, your brain has to be exercised. And it GROWS when you give it progressive resistance, just like weight training.

Building your brain into an "idea machine" will make you more successful in the gig economy than any other skill you learn.

Practice. Practice. More practice.

​It's time...

​You have everything you need to get started, grow, and thrive in the Gig Economy.

What are you going to do?

What are you waiting for?

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